Daily Danger

By Mary Blyth Jones

Once again, the intersection of Cambridge and Elm Avenue saw a collision between two vehicles. Constantly crowded with parents taking their children to school, the intersection has long presented daily dangers to those traveling east on Cambridge.

This same intersection was the site of a fatal accident in the past. Since Coalinga Middle School was relocated to its current site on Cambridge Avenue, there has been daily congestion at the intersection of Cambridge and Elm as drivers try to navigate traffic.

The intersection has been tagged by CalTrans after a study was done on the traffic patterns in Coalinga indicated a consistent problem at that site. The intersection is scheduled for a much needed traffic signal in the near future.

Part of the challenge of the intersection is that it is a state route (33) rather than a city street. This means that all work or modification has to go through a process with the state rather than a local intervention.

In the long run, the problem will be solved. In the meantime, drivers are reminded to be mindful of the dangers inherent of the area.