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Phone: 559-362-9668
Office location: Our business office has been closed. We conduct business from home: 504 College. Feel free to drop by. Business is usually conducted on a pair of chair in the front yard; friendly and open, and aware of social distancing. šŸ˜‰

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 968
Coalinga, CA 93210

8 replies to Contact
  1. How can this be “Accurate and Relevant news” when you don’t update the site???
    Coalinga Record came out weekly and was “Accurate and Relevant news” when Bill Howell ran it…

    This is a joke of a newspaper with lazy staff

    1. Scott, once again, your encouragement and keen insights move me. They move me to wonder how much you have considered as you decide I am lazy. Hmm.

      Bill Howell put out a weekly newspaper. I put out a weekly newspaper. After that, I also deceminate a digital version for paid digital subscriptions, and try to up date the ‘light’ version online.

      In three years, I did miss one week when the wifi was out in Arizona where I was. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the none of the other newspapers had a digital presence. So that would be hard to compare. Me doing less than Mr. Howell would be like me doing nothing. But there it is.

      It is true that sometimes I may get a week or so behind. Then again, I am a volunteer. I am the only staff member. And no, I do not get paid. I realize that there maybe other crazy people who do stuff like this for no pay, and even put their own money into the project, but I’m guessing those people aren’t usually called out for their laziness.

      Funny. I always had you pegged as a friendly, stand up guy. Not the sort who would write nasty reviews in a public forum. But I know better now. Sorry i haven’t kept it up to your standards.

      Maybe I’ll have more time if I get a gap of fewer funerals to attend and play for… then again, maybe you’ll just have to pray for someone better to come along.

      1. Ps. The online version is just notes from the actual newspaper. It is not in any way meant to be a substitute for the actual published version. There are notes on the website to indicate the online version that’s there for free is what we have time to post.

    2. I’d like to challenge you Scott to start your own newspaper and run in with virtually no paid staff.