Since free speech is the pivot point of America…

It seems only fair that Coalinga Press offers a truly free space in which writes may voice their opinions. We are please to introduce a forum in which opinions may be freely expressed. All submissions should be sent to coalingapress@gmail.com and have in the subject: Editorial. Those editorial which are deemed relevant to the entire readership of Coalinga Press may be printed in addition to being hosted on this web page. Authors must include name, but may request anonymity in some cases.

We ask that writers follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid content that: would jeopardize Coalinga Press legally
  • No plagiarizing
  • No urging illegal activities or actions
  • No threats which would constitute formal reports 
  • No personal attacks*

*A personal attack is one where a person’s appearance, age, religion, mental capacity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or race is the basis of that attack. 

John Sunlight

John Sunlight is a series of editorials written by Matthew Apple. Initially they were published under the pseudonym, John Sunlight. Eventually, Matt Apple allowed people to know who was doing the writing, and had fans who loved him while he also had a few who detested what he wrote. The editorials below are listed chronologically from first to the last.