One Heartbeat Away

Public service announcement: By William Lewis

What would you do if you were experiencing a heart attack or were involved in a serious auto accident and there was no hospital within 50 miles? This may be something you don’t think about, but if you were in this situation, time to reach medical care could be very critical.

An ambulance could respond – if there is one available.  But, it still takes time to reach a another facility. In the meantime, your access to health care could be compromised.

As you probably know, your local hospital has been experiencing financial problems and, despite measures designed to increase revenue, the situation has worsened. Many of the financial problems could be resolved with increased volume. The hospital has relatively fixed staff expenses, but if people don’t use the hospital, the finances continue to erode.

The board has hired a new CEO who is conducting an intense effort during the month of April to avoid closure and its associated problems for Coalinga residents and people who work in Coalinga.

If you are asking yourself “what can I do?,” remember, you have a choice of hospitals, but only one is located right here in Coalinga. You can choose to use Coalinga Regional or you can choose to go elsewhere. If you choose to go out of town when you could be treated here, you may not have a choice next time.

On April 11 at 6:00 PM there will be a town hall in the pavilion building board room. If you are interested in the hospital’s future, you are invited to attend. The new CEO will answer questions and discuss options.