Chevron Donates $75K To WHC

Chevron Donates $75,000 to Support West Hills Community College District COVID-19 Support Efforts

West Hills Community College District will continue to support students in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic with the help of a generous donation from Chevron. Chevron donated $75,000 to help fund computers and internet hot spots for students. West Hills Community College District announced in March that most classes were switching to online only due to COVID-19 and this will continue to be the case through the summer semester.

“We have some students in the district who do not have computers at home or access to the internet,” said Alex Perez, Executive Director of the West Hills Community College Foundation. “West Hills has tried to provide laptops and hotspots to as many students as we can, but we need the help of donors like Chevron to meet the need in our district. Their gift will help students attend classes online and finish their degrees.”

The $75,000 will help to support students as they face continuing challenges in the face of the global pandemic and ensure that they have access to their online classes. Chevron is a long-time supporter of West Hills and has supported programs ranging from robotics competitions to a science camp for elementary school students.

“Chevron is proud to partner with West Hills Community College to support students in Fresno County and ensure that they are able to access their education,” said Megan Lopez, Chevron Public Affairs Representative.