Commercial Vehicle Parking Within City Limits To Be Enforced Again

Since the 23rd of March, the City of Coalinga stopped enforcing RV / Trailer / Motorhome parking within the City Limits to assist with COVID-19 issues. With things beginning to open back up, the City will begin to enforce the Municipal Parking violations beginning July 1, 2020. This temporary stay does not allow commercial vehicles to park on private property or alleys unless the driver is loading or making a delivery.

As a reminder, the Municipal Code for parking is as follows:

Sec. 4-4.721. – Commercial vehicles: Parking restrictions.
(a) For purposes of this section, “commercial vehicle” is any commercial vehicle, commercial truck and/or commercial trailer having a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weights rating as defined in the Vehicle Code greater than ten thousand (10,000) pounds but shall not include recreational vehicles. By way of example, but not limitation, a tractor and trailer(s) or single trailer exceeding the weight criteria specified are a truck.

(b) No person shall park any commercial vehicle on the streets of the City except:

(1) While loading and unloading property and it is necessary to do so during the restricted hours, in such case the parking of such trucks shall not continue for more than sixty (60) minutes;

(2) When a vehicle is parked in connection with and in aid of the performance of a service to or on a property in the block in which such vehicle is parked and additional time in excess of sixty (60) minutes is reasonably necessary to complete such service;

(3) By Council action. By resolution the City Council may designate and describe any street or portion thereof as a street the use of which is permitted for the parking, stopping, standing, or storing of any truck. In making such designation, the City Council may, but is not required to,
consult with the planning commission, the traffic safety committee, or such other bodies or consultants as it may deem advisable.

(4) When a commercial vehicle is parked in a designated parking location for no longer than seventy-two (72) hours.

(c) Signage. The restrictions imposed by this section shall not be effective until the director of the department of public works shall have caused the placement of signs or markings as required by the California Vehicle Code at all entrances to the City to give notice to the public thereof. In addition, these restrictions shall not be effective as to state highways unless the City shall have received written authorization for such restrictions or prohibitions from the California Department of Transportation.

Sec. 4-4.722. – Truck parking restrictions
When authorized signs are in place giving notice of such restriction, no person shall park any vehicle exceeding a maximum gross weight of three (3) tons on any public City street or alley for a period of time longer than four (4) hours, except when loading or unloading property or when such vehicle is parked in connection with and in aid of the performance of a service to or on a property in the block in which the vehicle is parked.
The City understands the necessity of commercial vehicles and service they provide to the country and to the communities as far as delivering essential supplies and hope that the drivers understand the reasoning behind the Municipal Codes as they pertain to The City and its community members.
If there are any questions please contact me in person at the Coalinga Police Department, by phone (559) 935-1525, Ext. 152 or by email at