Coalinga Press Partners With Fresno County DPH

Coalinga Press is excited to announce their new partnership with Fresno County Department of Public Health. This began when Mary Jones heard about a project in which volunteers were revitalizing masks on which the elastic bands had deteriorated to the point the masks were useless.

“We have thousands of these masks,” said a representative who coordinated other efforts to repair the boxes of masks, “but they cannot be used in their current state.”

A group in Fresno worked on processing a mountain of these masks and returned them to FCDPH to distribute to those who needed them. Jones’ plan is to return the bulk of repaired masks to FCDPH but said she is happy to accept the county’s donation of hundreds of masks for local use in Coalinga.

Masks to be repaired are similar to this.
Exact model is unknown at this time.

As soon as the masks can be brought to Coalinga from FCDPH, Jones hopes to coordinate local efforts in the project to rehab literally thousands of masks.

“It’s not difficult, really,” said Jones. “The old elastic needs to be removed first. Then we need to punch holes for the new, which will be the handy two inch rubber band.”

Anyone interested in helping with this project may contact Jones via email.