Splash Park At Frame Park

Coalinga City Council approved the allocation of funds for a “Splash Park” to be installed at Frame Park downtown. The small park sits at the intersection of Coalinga Plaza (Fifth Street) and Durian Street adjacent to United Security Bank.

The cost estimated for the Splash Pad at Frame Park is $190,000.

A ‘splash pad’ or spray pool is a recreation area, often in a public park, for water play that has little or no standing water. Typically, there are ground nozzles that spray water upwards out of the splash pad’s raindeck.

Coalinga’s plan calls for the area between the gazebo and the bank’s parking lot to be converted into a multi-functional splash park with several varieties of water oriented features. There will be curvy misty pillar, fire hydrant, seven foot water loops and water squirting from the ground.

Coalinga plans to have this park open by the time “hot weather gets here.”


This project will be funded with Park Development Impact Fees which has the available funds to meet the needs of this project which includes a 20% contingency above the engineers cost estimate.
There will be no impact to the General Fund as the water and sewer connections installed by Staff will be encumbered within the water and sewer operational fund budgets. The estimated cost for the water and sewer tie-in will be approximately $8,404.84. The City Engineers cost estimate and authorize a total project budget for the installation of a Splash Pad at Frame Park in the amount of $190,000.

From Coalinga City Council Agenda:

The City of Coalinga is always looking for new ways to get the citizens of Coalinga to come together, especially in the downtown area, the heart of the City. By the direction of the City Manager, staff has prepared a design and construction estimate for the construction of a splash pad on the north end of Frame Park.

The Public Works Department, along with Tri City Engineering, have come up with a plan for a 500 square foot Splash Pad at Frame Park. There will be several water features such as curvy misters, water loops, fire hydrants and ground nozzles (attached) and a meandering cement seat wall similar to what currently exists in the plaza.

Once the budget has been authorized, staff will finalize the locations of the nozzles and water features before bidding the project. The showers and ground nozzles will be controlled by a hand activated motion sensor, to run for limited time. The splash pad is expected to be available to the public within the spring and summer months.

The Public Works Department will be responsible for trenching and stubbing out the necessary utility connections for the contractor to tie into. The items that will be installed by Public Works staff have been included in this budget allocation and will be absorbed within the existing operational sewer and water budgets of the City. In addition to the sewer and water tie-ins, public works staff will be removing 4-5 trees that are within the project area to allow for space.