GoldStar Operation: Fresno

Today in Fresno, dozens of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies joined in a city-wide operation to hit the streets simultaneously in an effort to identify suspects and apprehend fugitives. This is proactive policing approach to enforce the law.  They focused on several communities including:  Fresno, Clovis, Biola and Kerman.  The group worked from 2:30 pm – 12:00 am. Over one hundred officers were involved. This is the second GoldStar operation this year. The organization hopes to make it a quarterly event.

17 felony arrests
17 misdemeanor arrests
5 citations
1 pistol recovered on a parolee
1 vehicle towed
95 vehicles stopped
65 people checked
78 probationers/parolees contacted
17 people on AB109 contacted

GoldStar 03