Why Ramos is Free

Coalinga is a small town with an extensive rumor network that gets it right at least half the time. The latest rumor was that Jose Andrade Ramos of Coalinga who was arrested on Wednesday on charges of Attempted murder, Assault with a deadly weapon – Firearm, Shooting at an inhabited dwelling, Gang Affiliation and felony committed while out on bond.

There is evidence. There is truly enough to keep this individual in jail. Yet here it is, Monday, and he is out.

Due to a problem with paperwork, Ramos was released from jail. By the time this is printed, it is hoped that Mr. Ramos will once again be in custody.
Fugitive Recovery officer Greg Pimental said that it should not take too long to have Ramos back in custody.

“I have no problems hunting him down again,” said Pimental.
This, hopeful, is truly the case, but the question remains. How does this type of problem even happen in modern days. How, with the ease of technology and ultra slick communication, can we still have holes in the system?

It is never comforting to believe that a guilty individual is safely behind bars, sequestered from the rest of us, only to find out that this person is out, running around free as a bird.

(i) Chief Blevins was not pleased with the fouled up paperwork. He has taken steps to ensure this type of problem does not recur in the Coalinga Police Department. I remain a fan of CPD and am thankful for their work and diligence. I have every faith that they will perk up.