Saturday Night Stabbing

Frank Porraz, a Norwalk resident, was stabbed on the 100 block of Ivy on Saturday September 21, at approximately 8:15 PM. Coalinga Police Officers responded to the report of the stabbing and found 48-year-old Porraz in a chair with a three centimeter stab wound to his left abdomen. This translates to just over an inch stab wound.
Porraz stated he had just arrived to the location and was attacked by an unknown Hispanic male in the alley.

When officers investigated the stabbing they obtained surveillance footage from the area. The visual evidence from the surveillance camera revealed a contradiction to Porraz account of the incident.

Several people living at the address where the stabbing occurred stated they did not witness what had happened. Porraz was transported to the hospital by American Ambulance services. Officers are still investigating the case and are following up on a few leads.

The Coalinga Police Department is asking if anyone has information regarding this case, to be please contact the police department at 559-935-1525. Information may be left anonymously.