A Message To The Residents of Coalinga


We at American Advanced Management Group (Coalinga Medical Center) have seen the comments and heard statements made regarding the status of Coalinga Regional Medical Center. These comments at first were disheartening to hear and see, while our team is putting in countless of hours and extreme effort to get this facility back to serving the community.We have already put in over $400K into this project and have started exterior paint. State of the art lab equipment will be  installed in a few weeks. We understand there have been some invoices regarding the utilities that have been need of payment to the district. There was a delay because we needed to verify and review all these invoices. Nonetheless, this matter will be resolved very soon internally. That being said, we are doing our very best to get this hospital back up; providing the community the safest and highest quality of care.

We will take these comments as constructive criticism. I understand many people may be impatient about seeing this facility reopened. However this is a very long process. We will continue to do our very best and in fact, double our efforts to get better results. But we hope the community and district board members give us their support and understanding throughout this process.

—Manpreet Singh, Project Director