Border Patrol Panic

It would be an over statement to say that there was any mass panic, but there were a few ruffling feathers over the massive presence of a handful of border patrol vehicles in town (Coalinga) on Friday.

This is only a preliminary report, without a lot of details included. But to put people’s minds at rest here are a few bits of information.

The vehicles in town this weekend are not here to do any sort of arrest or investigations. They are here to perform equestrian skills (horsemanship skills)  at the West Hills College Rodeo grounds this weekend. Member of the patrol ( we believe) are going to demonstrate their ability to ride horses and perform necessary actions on horseback.

This is a competitive event involving many riders and is scheduled to begin at 10 on Saturday morning. The event is open to the public and is being held at the WHC rodeo grounds on Gale avenue just north of Coalinga, turning right off SR 198 north.

It should be noted that the border patrol (in theory) has no jurisdiction over the people of our community. More information on this will be available tomorrow. In the meantime, (In theory), no one has to worry about the presence of these individuals.

[Photo: Courtesy of Face book members on Coalinga Citizens]