Coalinga Fire Season: Now Open

[Note: No official response has been released regarding these fires. This report is based solely on observation and unofficial conversation. There will be changes as they become released.]

Coalinga – A pair of fires whipped through Coalinga on June 1. Saturday afternoon a fire snapped to life on the property edging the “old school farm” at the end of Cherry street. It fully engulfed the acreage between the north back edge of Roosevelt Street and the east side of Coaling Station B Apartment complex. Fire Captain Keith Krider estimated the burned area to be more than 23 acres, although he emphasized it was just an estimate.

Coalinga Fire Department, Cal Fire Fresno County and Kings County all responded to the fire as well as prisoners who joined the battle.

Less than an hour after the Old School Farm Fire, another blaze erupted at a home at 214 W Polk Street. Firefighters responded immediately and were met by flames already involved in the upper part of the home. Heavy winds added to the challenge as firefighters continued to fight the flames. Eventually there were three separate fire vehicles present on the scene. One from Coalinga, one from Cal Fire Fresno County and one from Cal Fire, Kings County. The coordinated effort continued for more than an hour.

Lourdes Torres, who resided in that home, was not in Coalinga at the time of the fire.