Hospital Progress

May 29, 2019

Manpreet Singh from American Advanced Management Group discussed the team’s work at Coalinga Regional Medical Center which will soon be known as Coalinga Medical Center. The conversation was via telephone on Wednesday.

“Much of what we are doing is behind the scenes,” said Singh, “so residents may be in the dark about our progress.”

There are eight members of the acquisition team who are working on various departments of the hospital. Some of those are Lab, Radiology, Pharmacy, and Public Health. Each department in the hospital will have to be certified and approved by the state of California. Singh stated that applications and processes have been underway since the agreement was approved by the court on April 11, 2019.

Singh plans to visit the facility on Friday and is also planning a trip to include the entire acquisition team to meet with those in the community who have questions or just want to know more about what is going on.

“I’m very excited about this project,” said Singh. “There is a lot to be done and we are working day and night to get there.”