CORRECTION: Los Gatos Upper Level Not Opened Yet

The headline for a recent article (April 17) Coalinga Press: “Upper Los Gatos Park Re-Opened For Day Use” is misleading. Coalinga Press regrets the error. Although we checked the stoLGBridgery completely for accuracy, we failed to review the title. The upper section of Los Gatos Creek Park is NOT currently open, but it is in discussion with the county for future possibilities.

Fresno County has plans to place portable restrooms on the lower picnic ground area. There is concern that these facilities may not fare well. Editorial note: Please do not treat the porta potties badly. Let’s show the county that we do know how to take care of things. Let’s show them that we can be civil, and that we are grateful.

Apologies for the misleading title. Please be safe, and respect the law(s).