Fire at Fatte’s

At approximately 2:30 AM Carol Matz was alerted by Fatte Albert’s alarm that something was going on at the pizza shop. Responders discovered a fire, and not intruders, set off the alarm. It was determined that the newly placed cameras at Fifth and Elm Avenue at Coalinga’s main downtown intersection also picked up the flames leaping from the roof.


The blaze was knocked down by Coalinga’s fire department and by morning light, initial cleanup was nearly complete. The Coalinga’s Firefighting crew was still on the scene with shovels and other tools to clean out the much from water and debris. A box of donuts sat on the table in Fatte’s dining room, half gone.

Owner Carol Matz stood in the dim room surveying the damage.

“Bad timing,” she said. Tonight, a comedy show is scheduled at Pit Stop, the bar section of Fatte’s. “It could have been so much worse, though,” she continued. The show will go on as planned, so show your support and enjoy the show.

No one was in the establishment when the fire erupted, and there is no known cause for the fire at the point. Investigations take time. On first observations, Coalinga’s interim Chief of Police Darren Blevins said that it appeared that the fire could have been caused be an electrical issue.  No one was injured, but the eatery will most likely be closed for weeks.

“I feel especially bad for the people who will be out of a job,” said Matz. “Those people really need their paychecks.”

“It’s bad,” said Barbara Morris, who was also visiting the charred kitchen. “But it’s not devastating. Fatte’s will be back, and it will be better.”

More information to come.