Veterans’ Resource Center at Coalinga Library Opens

A newly established Veterans Resource Center opens on May 24, at the Coalinga Public Library at 5:30 PM.

Military veterans in Coalinga, Huron and surrounding areas have a new one-stop shop to help them find information about the services and resources available to them. The Veterans Resource Center is sponsored by the California State Library, the California Department of Veterans Affairs and the U. S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.
The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) will have books, DVDs and pamphlets on topics of specific interest to veterans and their families such as state and federal benefits for veterans, housing, health care, education and employment.

California public libraries are working to connect veterans and their families to benefits and serves for which they are eligible.

A huge thanks to the library staff and the Kiwanis Club of Coalinga for helping to making this possible.

Event: May 24, 5:30 PM