Tabby needs a new home

This luscious cat needs a new family. About a month ago, a Coalinga resident and her family rescued this male cat in another town.
“He must have belonged to someone at some point. He is litter box trained and very nice,” said his rescuer.
But the family has now realized that because of allergies they didn’t know they had before they took home the cat, they are unable to keep the cat. They don’t want to give the cat up, but it’s obvious to them, that they will have

to do so.

“We sneeze all the time, the minute we get home,” said his current foster mom. “He really is a good cat. House trained, He does not go outside, and he’s well behaved. He doesn’t damdage the carpet or chew or claw the furniture.”
The current owner will give a bed, litter box, food bowls, food, food mat, all for free. “I


just want him to go to a home where he will be loved and cared for.” Please contact Coalinga Press if you are interested in this cat. 559-362-9668 or