CRMC Stakeholder Meeting: Lots of ideas, but too late to implement

Note: The future of CRMC has now been revealed, so this information is no longer critical. It is included, though, because the stakeholder meeting was a significant meeting of many entities, striving to work together for Coalinga.
Stakeholders concerned with the dire straits of Coalinga Regional Medical Center met on April 16 at City hall. The group sat at long tables and exchanged concerns, issues, and possible solutions at the two-hour meeting.
Coalinga Mayor Nathan Vosburg worked with city manager Marissa Trejo to bring the group together for the session. Avenal Mayor Preciado was at the meeting along with representatives from Aero, Chevron, West Hills College, Fresno Economic Development team, California Highway Patrol, Coalinga Police Chief Michael Salvador, Pleasant valley State Prison, Fire Chief Dwayne Gabriel from Coalinga Fire Department, Benjamin Kahikina from Coalinga Chamber of Commerce, Lisa Gonzales from Coalinga Huron Recreation and Parks, and CRMC CEO, Wayne C. Allen.
Once again, Allen was candid in his explanation of the situation and outlined the future is grim detail.
Without a bridge loan, the hospital will fail within two weeks.
“I believe we can save CRMC,” said Allen. “Turn it around and make it a prosperous and fine facility again. It will take a lot of work on all of our parts.
“I am searching for affiliations with larger systems,” Allen continued. “It looks very positive at this point. We need to keep our communication lines open, share information during these troubled times.”
“Heath care is a critical resource to all of us.”

(Read more in Coalinga Press Vol.1 Issue 4)