Top Speed Racing at New Coalinga Municipal Airport April 28th & 29th

Motovicity Distribution, an aftermarket automotive performance distributor from Detroit, MI is bringing a half-mile top-speed airstrip battle called Never Lift to the New Coalinga Municipal Airport on April 28th and 29th. Motovicity, with a title sponsorship from ARP, is collaborating with Shift-S3ctor for the event, which has held events in Coalinga since 2012.

Half-mile racing has grown in popularity among the racing community over the past few years. In addition to the competitiveness, it allows drivers to take their car out and run it as fast as it can go in a half-mile controlled environment. Because of the space needed to safely bring the car up to such high speeds and then safely slow down, half-mile races are typically held on airport runways similar to New Coalinga Municipal Airport.

Never Lift will cater to the engagement of all aspects of the grassroots racing community. Manufacturers, dealers, shops, racers, enthusiasts and the media will come together for this event that embodies aftermarket performance.

This family-friendly event will host more than 200 cars that will race for top speed and over $35,000 in cash prizes. Cars will reach speeds topping 200 mph and each day will be action-packed from the first race.

Never Lift will also have a positive impact on the local economy. Never Lift has partnered with the Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant to host the hundreds of guests that will be attending and racing at the event. The event has also tapped into local resources through the City of Coalinga and the Community Scholarship Alliance, to staff,  provide food, beverages and entertainment for the weekend.

In efforts to further engage the local community, Never Lift is offering coupons exclusively through the Coalinga Press to be redeemed for free admission. “We understand the importance of youth engagement and encouraging the longevity of this industry through collaboration, media, jobs, development and local interaction. This is a great opportunity to showcase some of the industry leaders while giving back to the community”, said Brian Lounsberry, CEO of Motovicity Distribution.


For more event information please visit or check out @NeverLiftHalfMile on Facebook and Instagram.


By: Brian Patrias