CRMC Town Hall Meeting

April 11 – 6 PM Coalinga’s town hall meeting at the Pavilion medical building on Phelps Avenue was attended by nearly 100 concerned residents who came to hear what new CEO Wayne C. Allen had to say about the critical situation at Coalinga Regional Medical Center.

Although Allen has only been on board for ten days, he hit the ground running. After completing a financial analysis of CRMC, Allen has been working toward a comprehensive plan to salvage the facility without having to close its doors.

Community members, hospital staff, vendors and the hospital board all sat in the lobby of the pavilion building where chairs had been placed along with a table supplied with cookies and iced lemon water. Although many people exchanged warm greetings with others seated nearby, the tension was palpable as residents braced themselves for the news.

The meeting lasted two hours and meandered through several memorable fiascos experienced by various individuals who were disgruntled at what had happened to them or their family member at CRMC.

For more about the event, watch coalinga press’ page and look in next week’s issue of the newspaper.