Can CRMC be saved?

By Mary Blyth Jones

Most Coalinga residents were stunned to learn that the Coalinga Regional Medical Center is millions of dollars in debt. Sharon Spurgeon retired last week, and the board has hired a new CEO to take the helm of the hospital.

Wayne Allen of Sparks, Nevada has come to take charge of the flailing institution. He has been having meetings with various groups of employees to discuss the depth of CRMC’s financial woes and what it means for them.

Allen has been dubbed in some circles as “The Closer” but it remains to be seen what can be done with the local situation.

Residents must be aware, though, that the situation is dire. The extreme financial distress of the situation with CRMC may cause the community to lose its hospital and emergency medical care.

Town Hall meeting was well attended by a good cross-section of Coalinga. it will be interesting to see what unfolds next for the community and CRMC.