My thoughts on Resolution 4931 Censuring Council Member Adam Adkisson

An informed populace is better prepared to be involved with the machinations of a community.

During the recent Coalinga City Council election, one re-elected council member, Adam Adkisson, failed to turn residency papers in on time. This may seem like a small blunder to most of us but newly appointed Coalinga City Mayor James Horn takes a dim view of this and has responded with proposed Resolution 4391 in which he demands a public censure. After initial publication, Horn upped the ante with two additional penalties.

Horn is now asking that Adkisson be removed from all local committees. He is also asking that all Adkisson’s travel expenditures related to Coalinga City Council be approved by the council prior to the use of those funds.

Committees have been largely suspended in the wake of Covid-19 but are also on the council’s agenda this Thursday to be revitalized and utilized by the community to create stronger activities with the added help of residents who will also serve on those committees along with council members.

The existing committees are:

• Public Safety
• Cannabis
• Water
• City Beautification and Code Enforcement
• Animal Control
• Sales Tax Revenue, Expenses, and Finance
• Economic Development

The committee concept was initiated by then-Mayor Nathan Vosburg who brought the issue for discussion on July 5, 2018. At that time, Adkisson was assigned to the Public Safety (Chair) and City Beautification and Code Enforcement  (Co-chair) Committees. 

Links to the changes and the original content of Resolution 4391 are here:

If you are in Adkisson’s district (1) or even if you are not, you might consider weighing in with your input on what I perceive to be a petty and vindictive response to a fairly minor incident.

I am concerned with our community having to deal with the next four years possibly bringing endless battles among our City Council. We have much more important issues on the table. Let’s get to work instead of throwing dirt in the sandbox.

Also of note: I do not think ANY of our council members are stupid or foolish. I respect each of them and was looking forward to seeing them tackle issues such as water, public safety, and growing commerce. I secretly hope that all of this will be resolved without public hostilities, but I am not optimistic. I know these guys can work it out. it’s a matter of choice.