Coalinga Opens California’s First Cannabis Consumption Lounge

Cookies” is not a new brand, but today it offered a new concept to Californians. The very first Cannabis consumption lounge where clients can purchase and use cannabis products on site was unveiled in an opening Saturday morning. Rapper Berner, (Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr.), arrived at 9:30 AM (more or less) to welcome both rap fans and cannabis users to the lounge and dispensary located on Durian Street in Coalinga, California. [NOTE: Correction to earlier claim that this is the first in the country.]

The approximately 4,000 square foot facility which was formerly half of a building owned by Marc Scott, a CPA in Coalinga, has been completely revitalized inside to make room for a large dispensary in the front, with the back section as a lounge. To access the lounge, one needs clearance and a reservation. Reservations are for 90 minutes time slots and can be made by telephoning the business.

Covid-19 testing was necessary for any people wanting to meet with or even be around Berner as well as mandatory mask wearing. once someone tested negative, they were banded with a colored wrist bracelet indicating that they were Covid-Free.

The dark blue walls and white plush furniture offers a calm ‘vibe’ while a large white neon Cookies logo floats on the ceiling above. There are a couple of booths tucked into corners, and a counter is situated at the rear end of the lounge. A DJ played laid back rock and roll oldies while Berner’s group of friends enjoyed the atmosphere and relaxing.

Berner expressed satisfaction in the project and stated that it was wonderful working with the City of Coalinga to bring this dream into fruition. Leaning back in the chair, Berner remarked, “The people in Coalinga need a place like this. Good vibes. Good thing are waiting to happen.”

“The plan,” Berner explained, “has been on my mind for years.”

Cookies offers an array of edibles, tinctures, and other consumables along with trays and other items for use with cannabis. One of the interesting things is the way samples of various strains of cannabis are displayed. Each variety is in a small jar, labeled, and safety-locked. By twisting the bottom of the jar, a customer can smell the product, and a magnifying glass in the top of the jar allows that person to inspect the visual qualities. Staff seemed eager to engage with community members and get business going.

This story is still developing. Watch for more photos and information.