One Student at CHUSD Tests Positive for Covid-19

Classroom closed, students told to quarantine for ten days. Students and staff can return after ten days of symptom free quarantine or earlier if they have a negative Covid-19 test.

From Superintendent Lori Villanueva

Today, out of an abundance of caution, the District took action to close one classroom at Coalinga High School due to three people in the room reporting COVID like symptoms, and one of the three was confirmed to be COVID positive late this afternoon. Parents of students in the classroom were contacted immediately, and received recommendations to have their child tested, and to watch for the development of COVID symptoms. 

The classroom will be closed for 10 days, and both the identified students and the teacher will remain at home and engage in their classes virtually until cleared to return.  To clear, students can wait their 10 days and if symptom free return, or potentially return earlier with evidence of a negative COVID test. 

Per our District protocol, the room will be fully cleaned and sanitized, before anyone is allowed to enter the room.

If you are concerned that you or your child was possibly exposed to COVID, please note the following:

1.    We are conducting contact tracing, and if we know of a contact that meets the criteria, you will receive a call from our nursing staff.

2.    One of the cases have been confirmed as COVID. We will notify you if we have any other positive cases.

3.    Please cooperate with contact tracing efforts.  We want to notify as many people as we can of any direct exposure.

4.    By law, we cannot provide the names of those with symptoms or a positive test.

5.    If you are concerned about yourself or your child and heard “names” through the rumor mill, please feel free to contact CHS for contact tracing.

6.    There are many free COVID testing sites around town, and Dr. Griffin’s office also provides testing.

7.    Other classrooms may be closed if we determine any further need.

Overall, our re-opening has been very successful, and this is our first closure of a class.  With your help and attention to COVID safety requirements, we will continue our work with students in-person.