Fresno County back To Purple

Fresno County, along with Kings and Merced, has been moved back to the more restrictive purple tier of Covid-19 danger. The move was largely a result of positivity rates and new cases in those counties. All but 17 counties of the 58 counties in California are assigned to the purple tier.

The move was not altogether unexpected as those watching the movement among tiers had expected a regression while studying both positivity levels and number of new cases reported. The purple tier is the worst level meaning that covid-danger is widespread.

The major changes that will now take place is the return to limits on retail capacity to 25% and food courts in malls must close. The purple tier also limits museums, zoos, aquariums, places of worship, movie theaters, and restaurants to outdoor-only operation.

Hair salons, barbershops, and personal care services are not affected by the tier shift at this time and may continue to function.

Governor Newsom explained the changes saying that COVID-19 cases in the state have doubled in the last ten days. This is the most severe increase since the pandemic began in March.

On a more positive note, state health officials have stated that tiers may be modified during the week when data suggests those changes, instead of waiting for a Monday or waiting for a two week period to pass. While this may sound optimistic, it also appears to present a challenge for those running businesses who might need to make perpetual changes as the tiers change.