Busy Morning for CPD

Two unrelated incidents in Coalinga on Thursday morning, August 20, 2020, had officers on the run. The first incident began with a search warrant leading to the arrest of one Coalinga Resident, Chad Mc Comas.


On Thursday, August 20, 2020, at approximately 8 AM, officers from Coalinga Police Department served a search warrant to a home on the 300 block of Jefferson Street. The search warrant was in regard to fraud. Upon arrival, CPD officers contacted Coalinga resident Chad McComas who was taken into custody for fraud.

A search of the house led to the recovery of numerous items such as stolen mail and items used in identity theft. Also found inside the home was a large vending machine which had been stolen three weeks earlier was stolen. Investigation into that incident confirmed that the machine had been stolen. McComas was taken into custody and placed in the Coalinga jail. He was later transported to the Fresno County jail.

While this first incident was still being processed, a second event interrupted the officers.

Early Morning Shooting on Madison Street Startles Neighbors

While Coalinga Police Officers were serving a search warrant on the 300 block of Jefferson on the morning of Thursday, August 20, 2020, they heard three to five shots fired at approximately 8:30 AM. Shortly after, CPD began receiving multiple reports of shots fired in the vicinity of the 100 block of Madison.

Coalinga Police Officers who were at the Jefferson Street location quickly responded to the shooting and found an adult female who had been struck by bullet fragments. Evidence indicated that bullets had struck a metal door frame and had fragmented upon impact, scattering and striking the female as she was walking out the front door of the home.

Officers found evidence on scene that indicated a shooting had occurred. It is believed that this shooting may be in retaliation for the shooting last week on the 400 block of Madison in which a young male was struck by a bullet.

If any resident on the 100-200 blocks of Madison has footage from a surveillance camera, please contact CPD (935-1525) to assist in identifying a car driven from the scene.

The woman struck by bullet fragments was taken to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno.

The Coalinga Police Department is asking for help from the public and that anyone having information regarding this incident. Please call the Coalinga Police Dept 559-935-1525. You may remain anonymous.

Blue oval indicate location of search warrant and arrest on fraud charges.
Pink oval indicates approximate location where shooting later occurred.