Hospital: Still A Mystery

Despite several meetings of Coalinga Regional Medical Center, AKA Coalinga Hospital, the future of the facility remains a mystery. CRMC Board contracted with American Advanced Management Group of Modesto to reopen the hospital. The projected time frame for that opening has shifted to a lengthier wait as first one deadline is past and then another.

With a track record on the positive side, AAMG has assured residents and the board that the opening will be forthcoming. Maybe it will take a little longer, but it is definitely coming.

When Covid-19 came along with its projected surge of patients needing critical care, California Governor Gavin Newsom made a decision to be proactive; to prepare for a predicted mass of illness spread across the state. Newsom wanted to avoid the problems being experienced in New York with tent hospitals in Central Park and other unexpected issues.

Through an agreement with the state and the California Department of Public Health the hospital was put on the fast track to re-open. The bureaucratic red tape and complicated process was streamlined to assist the hospital in their quest to open.

The question, though, was in what capacity would the hospital open. Many residents began to speculate that the hospital would be focused on Covid-19 patients. Others suspected that it might be for all patients. And the painful wait for information became unbearable for those wanting or needing to know the future of CRMC.

At this point, the fact remains that ultimately, the choice of the hospital’s mission is up to the state of California. Dr. Gurpreet Singh, director of AAMG, tried to assure residents that no matter what the focus of CRMC when it opens, eventually it will return to its original intent: An acute care hospital as stated in the contract AAMG has with CRMC.

Community members have been assured that one way or the other,the hospital will be opening very soon. When asked about the purpose of the facility, or in what capacity the facility will be used, the answer has been more than a little vague. When pressed, Dr. Gurpreet Singh, director of American Advance management Group seemed to waffle.

He assured listeners on the phone that he would have a better answer today, April 2, after a planned meeting with the state.

Further information will be released as it is made available. A recording of Dr. Singh’s report made during a telephonic meeting with CRMC board on April 1, 2020 is below. Click on link below to hear the report.

Dr. Singh’s Report to the CRMC board.