WHC Child Development Closed

WHC College Child Development services are the latest facility to be required to shut its doors. The closure was announce late Thursday night, with great regrets and an apology from staff.

Governor Newsom called for Californians to “Stay at Home” throughout the state. Although child care is a necessity, it was deemed too much exposure to too many people, and was ceased throughout the state.

It is not known if the earlier standards placed on child care were in effect at WHC or if they were exempt, but now it remains a moot point due to its closure.

The earlier guidelines called for children to grouped into no more than a dozen, and be housed in separate rooms from other children. The twelve children needed to be the same twelve children on a daily basis. Swapping was not allowed. The adult(s) in charge also needed to be the same ones every day. But now, these issues do not matter, as the facility is closed.

This is just the latest in a long series of closures.

Californians may not meet in any event if the number of participants is greater than ten people. It is not yet known how this will be enforced. Newson stated that the National Guard is on notice, but that they would be utilized only for food distribution.

Editorial Note: It is a trying time. Staying home is not fun. In Coalinga, we are really only on the first day, and there is a long line of tomorrows coming during which we will need to follow the restrictions.

Some people are perturbed because their “rights” are being violated. I will talk about this later. But for now, the question I would ask is:

What kind of rights does a dead person have?