CPD Changes Service Procedures

Coalinga Police Department’s Temporary
Response To Calls For Service

Chief Darren Blevins

The Coalinga Police Department will be temporarily changing how its officers responds to calls for services due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Until further notice all non-emergency calls will be handled telephonically unless the caller has suspect information or the scene needs to be processed to recover evidence. The police department will respond to all emergency calls and in progress calls for service.

The front lobby will be closed, and citizens will need to contact the dispatcher via the intercom by the front door. Once the dispatcher has obtained the necessary information an officer will be dispatched to the lobby at which time the officer will let the citizen in as long as they are not showing signs of a cold (coughing, sneezing, runny nose, etc.).

These precautions are being put in place to protect all citizens who come to the police department our calls the department for an officer response. This will also ensure that your public safety officers are healthy and able to respond to all emergency calls for service and able to assist the public when they are needed.

If you have any questions please, feel free to contact Chief Darren Blevins at
(559) 935-1525 ext. 152 or at dblevins@coalinga.com.