Vote of “No Confidence” From Huron Police Officers’ Association


HuronPoliceJanuary 15, 2020 Huron Police Officers Association (POA) is composed of public safety employees who work for the City of Huron. The POA is represented by the Law Offices of Melo and Sarsfield LLP.

As public safety professionals, the members of the POA want only the best practices at the police department. POA members conduct themselves as professionals and expect city management to do the same.

Recently, a series of complaints were made about the actions of senior management within the department. The complaints were for violations of state and federal laws, as well as City of Huron policies. Despite overwhelming evidence and statements from POA members, no significant actions have been taken to correct these deficiencies.

The POA expects the City of Huron leadership to uphold the rules of conduct it professes to require of its employees.

HuronAs a result of the ongoing mismanagement in the department, the POA recently held an election on the question of whether its members had any confidence in the ongoing leadership of the Chief of Police, George Turegano. The vote by the POA members was nearly unanimous in “no confidence.”

Recently, the POA was dismayed to learn that despite the vote, the city council renewed the employment contract of the chief, without even bothering to contact the city employees who know best as to what is going on in the police department.

The City of Huron City Council has an obligation to provide the best possible police services to this community. Its job is not to feather the nests of political cronies or to look the other way when credible complaints of harassment, discrimination or retaliation are brought to its attention.

The POA urges City of Huron to open an independent investigation into the morale problems within the department and take a hard look at the obvious favoritism that is infecting an otherwise great organization.


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