Coroner Asks For Help ID’ing Man

On the evening of November 16, 2019, a deceased man was located in the canal along McKinley Ave., east of Millbrook Ave., in Fresno. He appears to have been in the water for several days, therefore hindering our ability to identify him.

He is described as 5’5″, 175 lbs. The man is possibly Asian or Hispanic and in his 30s or

Canal Victim IdentifyersThe man was found to be wearing a Cargill shirt, shorts, a black belt, and bright red Nike shoes. He has several tattoos, which include a tribal design on his right shoulder and the name “Keyden” written in cursive on his left hand.

The photos show a tracing of the tattoo on his hand, a similar shoe to what he was wearing and the Cargill logo shown on his shirt. We are currently working with Cargill to see if they can identify the man as a current or former employee.

Anyone who believes they have information about this person is asked to please contact Deputy Coroner Jeff Gentry at (559) 600-8308 or send an email to