Girl Struck By SUV

A ten year-old girl,(Name removed), was struck Tuesday afternoon at 4:07 PM as she and her older sister crossed Elm Street at the four-way stop at Fifth Street. The adult sister of the victim was holding hands with her as the two crossed the street from the Hong Kong Restaurant towards the corner where Dr. Griffin’s office is located.

As the two were crossing the street other vehicles had stopped to permit safe passage, but one vehicle allegedly failed to see the pedestrians and proceeded through the intersection, striking the young girl.

JUN_0070“I was holding her hand,” said the older sister, “and we were just walking across the street. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the white vehicle coming fast, so I tried to pull my sister out of the way.”

Tears poured from the sister as she recounted the incident.

“I wasn’t able to get her out of the way, and it almost hit me too. It was right there.”


When the girl was struck, Dr. Griffin and staff members immediately came to aid the girl until paramedics arrived on the scene. The child was airlifted to Valley Children’s Hospital. At last check, there was no further information on her status. The parents left Coalinga to join their daughter in Fresno at Community Hospital.


Elm Street was closed between Fifth and Fourth Streets while Coalinga Police Department took Department measurements and investigated the accident. (I)Police Chief Darren Blevins was reviewing footage from the cameras above the intersection for further information and evidence. 

It will take time and study to find out what, exactly happened at the intersection Tuesday afternoon.