Coalinga Planning Commission: Hearing on Proposed Adventist Clinic

Coalinga Planning Commission released a notice of public hearing this morning, August 1. That hearing will occur on August 13 at 6 PM in Coalinga council chambers, 155 W Durian, Coalinga.

Coalinga residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the concept and scope of the proposed project by looking at the plans. Coalinga Press is researching issues and concerns with the project and will update information as it is acquired.

It is our goal to help improve life and standards in Coalinga, and to inform the residents of Coalinga of what is happening in the community. The notice from Coalinga Planning Commission is below.

Members of the commission, should you wish to ask questions or talk to a member directly, are Josh Sailer, Sara Pruitt, Oscar Garza, Michele Hemar, and Jim Jacobson.