CPD Asks Public Help Through Cams

MissingCoalinga Police (I) Chief Darren Blevins asked the public to check security cams to see if they have any footage of missing ten-year-old Zaylee Ortiz yesterday afternoon (July 30).

Ortiz left her home yesterday afternoon which is on the 200 block of Fourth Street, across the alley from Bement’s Auto Body shop. She said she was going to wrestling practice. During their investigation, CPD learned that, as far as they know, there was no practice yesterday.

Another parent whose children are also in the program reported that they had not seen Ortiz for at least a couple of weeks at practice.

Coalinga police believe they have an image of Ortiz crossing Elm Avenue from the traffic cam perched above New China on the corner of Fifth and Elm Avenue. They are also looking through camera footage from Coalinga Library’s security cameras.

Blevins believes that the girl may show up on cameras which may have been along her path through town. They are not certain of the rout she took, but believe that she traveled toward Polk street going along Fourth and other streets to the south.

Ortiz’s older brother was seen putting flyers up around the down town area in an effort to raise awareness of his sister’s disappearance and hopefully bring Zaylee home.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Coalinga Police Department at 559-935-1525