Brothers, Car & Suspect: All Three Where They Belong


Ashley Jones, arrested for Grand Theft Auto and Kidnapping among other charges.


Ashley Jones was apprehended in Arcadia, a city just east of Pasadena, California. Both Scott and Craig were with her. Their hair had been dyed and restyled, and eyebrows of Scott had been dyed. Neither boy was harmed. Reportedly several police cars arrived at the scene of the arrest and FOUNDapprehended all three of the car’s occupants. Both boys were handcuffed after kneeling on the ground as instructed with their hands on their heads. They were taken in separate squad cars to Police headquarters in Arcadia where they were questioned separately and ultimately released but remained at the station until family members were able to drive to Arcadia where they were reunited. 

Ashley Jones, the boys’ mother currently remains in custody. Jones was a noncustodial parent with only supervised visits allowed by the court. Police stated that she will most likely be moved to Fresno county where the crime spree began. There are a series of charges against Jones, but a complete list was not available at time of press release. Grand Theft Auto (felony) and some form of kidnapping (also a felony) are reportedly at the top of that list. Jones also took items from the Jones residence on college Street in Coalinga and stole a credit card which she used for random purchases until the credit company became suspicious of the activity.

The Jones brothers were exhausted by what Scott (13 years old) euphemistically labeled their “adventure.” The boys had been coaxed to participate by their mother who used family unity with two younger half sisters residing in Texas as a focal point. She wanted all four children to be together. The boys currently reside with their father and have two younger siblings in that home in Coalinga.