SAVED: Los Gatos Park

Coalinga, CA – Today Coalinga Press learned that the cattle rancher who had acquired a license to graze his cattle on 32.5 acres of upper Los Gatos Creek Park has cancelled his agreement with Fresno County.

It would be nice to hear that this was due to city council’s letter, Coalinga Press emails and phone calls, pleadings from other residents and such. But the actual reason is that when workers arrived to put in fencing along the perimeter of the park for the grazing, they were harassed and hassled by people in the area to the point they refused to continue the job.

“(Name of rancher withheld)  has terminated the license agreement as his workers were being harassed and threatened,” said John Thompson,  Assistant Director of Fresno County Department Public Works and Utilities. “In addition staff was out at the park today attempting to get it ready for Easter and someone has vandalized the well to  point that the park will have no water for Easter, so the restroom will be closed.”

Thompson and Jones (Coalinga Press) discussed the possibility of a citizen group of volunteers who would help maintain the park for public use so that the upper campground might be opened eventually. At this point the water has not been restored.

Thompson assured Coalinga Press that he wanted the community to be able to enjoy the park. LGBridge

“The last thing i want to do is to take the park away from Coalinga,” said Thompson in a phone conversation with Jones.

Discussion about possible solutions will take place in the near future. Those who want to be involved should contact Coalinga Press via email or phone call. 362-9668 or email at coalingapress!