Protesters Call For Change

A group of protesters gathered last Saturday to express their concerns over the treatment of family members or friends at Pleasant Valley State Prison. The protesters allege that inmates at PVSP are being kept in “lock-down” mode which was implemented on September 28 in several prisons statewide. The initial “modified program” schedule was due to a riot in the prison, and all privileges were suspended.

The protesters claim that the prisoners have been kept in their cells all day with only one hour of access to being outdoors per week. They further allege that these men have no access to the canteen where they can purchase extra food and hygienic supplies with their own money. Classes and other activities are also allegedly suspended with mail service also minimal.

The group further claims that these individuals only get two showers per week. The prisoners are not allowed to have any visitors during this time, which has spanned all the way from September with a window of relative normalcy from January 5, 2019 to February 14. Then the modified program went back into effect.

This situation is reportedly also being mirrored in several other California State Prisons in the system. Some of these allegations have been confirmed by independent sources, but attempts to contact public information at PVSP have not been successful to date.

Research and investigation is ongoing.