Lady Toads Maintain at #2

Preliminary Article:

It was a tough game on the court at Selland Arena Friday afternoon as Caruthers’ girls basketball team met Coalinga’s Horned Toads. The final score had the Toads at 44 and Caruthers at 56.

Hundreds of fans swarmed the arena from both schools, and the cheering thundered along with the feet stomping on the seating. The parking lot was full nearly an hour before the event, so there was no shortage of fans from either side.

Students at Coalinga were apparently excused from afternoon classes if they had purchased a ticket for the game. There were student sections at the court ends of either side. Caruthers sat on the north, and Coalinga sat on the south. Family, friends, and parents sat along the edges.

NOTE: I am not a sports writer. I do not have all the facts. This part is just from my observation. I do not have everyone’s number etc, but I do have over 1,000 photos which I will wade through later. I just wanted to share the afternoon with those who were unable to go, but still curious. 

Regardless of the endgame, it was a good endeavor, and there was a lot of good game on the court. “Poppy and Serena along with #11, Aaliyah, and a couple of others had some dazzling moments. I’m really sorry I don’t have all of it put together.* During the last portion of the fourth quarter, Serena grabbed the ball and made several baskets independently, as though she was playing ball with the neighbors. I know it wasn’t as simple as she made it look, but it was a thing of beauty.

the Toads played hard, with heart, and did a good job representing Coalinga. I look forward to their other playoff games to come. And I’m sorry I’m not a good sports commentator. Maybe someone will come along and set me straight! I will get photos up later. Still sick.


*I became extremely ill during the game and wasn’t in my best form. Sorry.