Garden Plots up For Grabs

Pierce Street Garden is located at 180 Pierce Street in Coalinga. It’s fenced has over 30 garden plots, many of which are empty, and ready for happy gardeners to rent them. The price varies by what size plot you want. The three sizes are size 4×4’ 4×8’ 4×16’ and prices vary by size and length of time. Most gardeners commit for six months or a year. Payments can be made.PierceStreetGarden

4’x4′ – $20 for six months or $35 for one year. 4’x8′ – $30 for six months or  $50 for one year. 4’x16′ – $50 for six months or $80 for one year.

Sometimes the garden needs to generate more funds to pay for more watering. At those points, we share the cost. The group functions on trust and accountability. There is a contract which goes along with the right to garden. There are also some community boxes which are for the community at large. In those, we plant some larger crops like melons, vines, and other things.

We are an organic garden, and depend on each other to be honest and open. The garden is under new management of imaginarium: Institute of Fine Arts which has expanded its mission to encompass a broader scope in Coalinga.

If you would like to be part of  this group, please contact Leona Kreuger, (works at Coalinga hardware), Alma Sanchez, (works at Coalinga Library), or Mary Blyth Jones.

A meeting for gardeners or those interested in becoming part of the garden will be Wednesday, February 20 at 6 PM at Starbucks. Look for the people with green thumbs.

4’x4′ Garden or 6 months


4’x4′ Garden Plot for one year.


4’x8′ Garden Plot 6 months.


4′ x 8′ Garden Plot one year


4′ x 16′ Garden Plot for 6 months


4′ x 16′ Garden plot for one year.