City Files Restraining Order Against Council Woman’s Pal

It is true that the City of Coalinga has filed a restraining order against one of its fine citizens. This individual has verbally threatened a city volunteer and a Coalinga City Councilman.

There are also several complaints from other residents allegedly filed with the Coalinga Police Department about this individual’s threats, verbal abuse, and, for lack of better term, rumor mongering.

Although this individual will most likely deny any wrong doing, they were observed in public making a threat in at least one case with the city manager present, along with the police commander, a hospital board member, a city volunteer, a council member, Coalinga Press, and two other individuals.

In that particular incident, the individual also made accusations against the “editor of a two page tabloid” which were verified as totally false as witnessed by those also at the incident. Anyone with questions should ask City manager, Marissa Trejo directly.

“The City has a legal obligation,” said Trejo, “to protect any City employee from harassment in relation to his/her employment.

“The City has to pay additional fees for the legal services required for this case” continued Trejo. “To date, the cost to the City for legal fees is $5,763. I would estimate another $1,500 for the hearing and a small amount for today. (Monday) That is for both restraining order cases.”

Although coughing desperately and seemingly dependent on an oxygen tank Monday, the following day seemed to other residents to have brought improved health and vigor to this fine citizen. [Photo on left by MBJ, Fresno Court on O Street. Photo on right: anonymous, Cafe 101, Coalinga]