Gimme Shelter:

Animal Shelter, that is… Needs Volunteers!

It is easy to volunteer to help with the animal shelter. Don’t give up when you have to use a computer! We found that you need to be ASVDogTransparentpersistent in the quest, but eventually we got to the right place to apply.

Here is the complicated link to follow:
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You will find this useful information there. Under the supervision of the Animal Control Officer, a volunteers assists with the care of animals and maintenance of the animal control facility.


NOTE: Examples listed in this class specification represents but is not necessarily exhaustive or descriptive of duties assigned to this position. Each individual in this classification may not necessarily perform all the duties listed. Management reserves the right to assign other related tasks if such duties are a logical assignment for this position.

• Feeds and provides water for animals at the animal control facility as instructed by the Animal Control Officer.
• Cleans and maintains the animal control facility and grounds as instructed by the Animal Control Officer.
• Walks animals and socializes with animals as requested by the Animal Control Officer.
• Launders animal control facility blankets.
• Washes dishes.
• Perform general gardening services outside of animal control facility.

• Grooms animals as requested by the Animal Control Officer.
• Assists Animal Control Officer with loading animals for rescue.
• Empty trash receptacle.
• Photograph animals as requested by Animal Control Officer.
• Assists with filing and recordkeeping.
• Tracks inventory and notifies Animal Control Officer of supplies needing replenishment.
• Performs other duties as required.

NOTE: The specifications listed below outline the desirable qualifications necessary for entry into the class and do not necessarily convey the qualifications of incumbents within the position.
Experience: One (1) year of work experience requiring frequent public contact. Some experience in the care and handling of small animals is preferred.
Other: Must successfully pass a background investigation and pre-employment drug screen.

NOTE: It is the employee’s responsibility to renew all applicable license(s). The City will reimburse the employee for any required training expenses.

NOTE: The following are a representative sample of the KSA’s necessary to perform essential tasks of the position.
Knowledge of: The routine care and feeding of domestic animals, primarily dogs and cats; the purposes and methods of animal quarantine; laws concerning the collection, impoundment, and disposal of stray animals, and the control of animal nuisances; basic methods, supplies, and tools used in custodial work.

Skill and Ability to: Recognize common disease symptoms in animals hazardous to humans, such as rabies; maintain records, and order supplies; deal courteously and effectively with the general public; perform heavy physical labor; perform light custodial work and minor building maintenance.

Characterized by initiative, commitment to teamwork and quality performance, and a customer-service orientation; must interact in a positive manner with City employees and the public; willingness to follow a prescribed routine and to work as assigned.

NOTE: The physical and psychological demands described herein are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential duties of this classification. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable an individual with qualified disabilities to perform the essential functions of this job, on a case-by-case basis.

Tasks require a variety of physical activities periodically involving muscular strain related to walking, standing, stooping, sitting and reaching. Essential functions require talking, hearing and seeing. Mental application utilizes memory for details, emotional stability, discriminating thinking and creative problem solving. Elements of the job pose various degrees of hazard uncertainty common to care of animals. Move heavy objects such as equipment (50 pounds and more) and/or animals; work outdoors in a variety of weather conditions with exposure to the elements; tolerate very hot and very cold temperatures.