Hospital to Close

Immediate News Release as of May 1
Coalinga Regional Medical Center
Contact Person: Wayne C. Allen, CEO
Email: • Phone: 559-935-6562

Coalinga Regional Medical Center (CRMC) regrets to inform its community of the pending closure of all of its healthcare services. CRMC is unable to continue in business with its weak financial condition.
CRMC anticipates that final closure for all of its healthcare services will be on or before June 15, 2018. Some healthcare sevices my close earlier than the pending closure date because employee/physician staffingh and vendor support may not be available. If this occurs, public notices will be distrtibuted and posted.
During the last two years, it has been increasingly more difficult for a small community hospital to financially survive. CRMC has struggled with multiple challenges and is no longer financially sustainable as an independent hospital.
We have established a plan for the transfer of the healthcare of our patients to other neighboring medical providers. The orderly closure of our services will be achieved to assure continued patient care and safety.
The hospital’s board of Directors acknowledges its appreciation to all employees and medical staff who have provided years and years of care and compassion to our patients. This is a very sad time for our hospital family and the community we serve.
We believe access to quality healthcare in our local community is vital. For that reason, we have reached out to Community Medical Centers in Fresno to discuss certain outpatient services in the west Fresno county.