Adkisson: Toad Training

Ronnie Adkisson, son of Coalinga Councilman Adam Adkisson, made it clear that he and the horned toad are buddies as he trained with the U.S. Marines in Yuma, AZ. Although Adkisson graduated from Faith Academy as a Warrior, he is apparently also a Toad at heart.
Adkisson is on a training operation during which he will be out in the field for 45 days straight. His platoon flew to Twenty-Nine Palms where the men will be participating in night time attack drills.
The huge operation taking place has the troops fly in Ospreys. Adkisson will be manning a machine gun during the attack.
The soldiers have had several dry runs but last Friday it all came down to practice with live fire.
Other recent training included room and building clearance, high value target raids and rappelling out of helicopters.RonnieAdkissonWToad