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More Traffic Cameras Installed


On August 6, 2020 the Coalinga City Council approved and authorized the police department to purchase of 6 additional traffic cameras to be placed around town to help monitor traffic conditions as well as to assist the police department in investigating other crimes.

The police department used its 2017 Board of State Community Corrections (BSCC) funds, which were authorized by the City Council, for the use of video surveillance. The police department also used $17,980.33 from its State Asset Forfeiture fund to pay the remaining cost of the cameras.

The original traffic camera was placed at the intersection of Elm and Fifth Street approximately two years ago and has assisted the police department in the assistance of investigation several collisions at this intersection.

As of last week, the new cameras were placed on several streetlight poles and some of them have been powered on and are functioning. As part of the purchase, the police department opted to purchase 4 License Plate Reader cameras (LPR).

The department will continue to use the cameras for traffic related issues as well as assist in any other crimes that may occur within the city. The city’s dispatch center is continually monitoring all 7 cameras that are located throughout town. The police department also has access to the Coalinga-Huron Parks and Recreation Department cameras and monitors them when needed.

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