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Coalinga Council Reaffirms Resolution 3964


Coalinga City Council met for an emergency meeting Monday, July 27, to assess whether or not they should rescind Resolution 3964. The resolution was passed on May 7 and proclaimed that all businesses in Coalinga were essential, and should be allowed to remain open even though California Governor Gavin Newsom demanded them to close.

Last week, Coalinga city manager Marissa Trejo, was contacted by the state office of emergencies which informed her that Coalinga would not be receiving any of the CARES Act federal funding sent to the state because of their noncompliance in closing non-essential businesses.

When the question was called, the issue died for lack of a second. Furthermore, Mayor Pro Tem Ron Ramsey suggested that the council take things a step further to reaffirm their stance on essential businesses. That measure passed with a four-one vote. Mayor Ron Lander opposed the affirmation, but the other four council members voted aye.

More information will be added to this article as it is processed.

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