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Coalinga Man Charged With Attempted Murder (Updated)


On September 23, 2019 Officers investigated a call of shots fired and found a 3-year-old who had been shot in the shoulder. Officers from the Coalinga Police Department had been working nonstop on this case and on Wednesday September 25, 2019, the Coalinga Police Department, with the assistance of a local Fugitive Recovery Officer, was able to track down Joseph “Jose” Andrade Ramos to a motel in the City of Avenal.

The Fugitive Recovery Officer was also looking for Ramos on his outstanding warrants and maintained surveillance on the motel while CPD worked on obtaining a search warrant to search the room and to take Ramos into custody for the outstanding warrants and questioning regarding the shooting.

Before CPD could obtain the search warrant the Fugitive Recovery Officer made contact with Ramos and took him into custody on the outstanding warrants.

CPD responded to the motel and took custody of Ramos and transported him to the Coalinga Police Dept. where he was held for questioning.

Although Ramos refused to talk to officers, they were able to obtain enough evidence along with witness statements, a positive identification and video footage to charge Ramos on the shooting of the 3-year-old child. Ramos was arrested on charges of Attempted Murder, Assault with a deadly weapon – Firearm, Shooting at an inhabited dwelling, Gang Affiliation and felony committed while out on bond.

Ramos was transported to the Fresno County Jail where he was booked on all charges.

The Coalinga Police Department would like to thank everyone who assisted in the locating and apprehension of Joseph “Jose” Andrade Ramos.

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