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2nd Quake Rocks Ridgecrest


Friday, July 5, Ridgecrest, California was rocked again with an even larger quake than yesterday’s shaker. Friday’s quake weighed in with an initial read of 7.1 but was downgraded on review by a United States seismologist. After further review, the seismologists reversed their earlier revision and returned to the initial reading of 7.1. A strong earthquake occurred at 8:19:52 PM (PDT) on Friday, July 5, 2019.


The magnitude 7.1 event occurred 17 km (11 miles) NNE (22 degrees) of Ridgecrest, CA.

The hypocentral depth is -1 km (-0.5 miles).

Yesterday’s morning quake measured at 6.5, very similar to the one Coalinga experienced on May 2, 1983. The first quake yesterday did significant damage to homes and businesses, also starting at least one fire. 

Friday’s event has reportedly destroyed at least one home according to a resident there. Many are scrambling for generators and other necessities as the residents brace for whatever comes next. Most of the city is without power.

Typically, it has been believed that the primary, or largest quake, occurs and the ones following it are generally expected to be smaller. Ridgecrest and the area has had over 1,000 quakes since yesterday’s temblor according the the USGS CalTech Seismology website.

Seismologists are now calling Thursday’s temblor a “fore-Shock” and Friday’s quake the “Main Quake.”

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