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Court Approves Hospital Plan


Today, the plans to turn over Coalinga’s only hospital to Coalinga Medical Center (CMC)LLC (American Advanced Management Group, Modesto) which is headed by Dr. Gurpreet Singh, were approved in bankruptcy court.

The two groups presented an agreement which transferred the hospital from the control of its current board to the management and proposed ownership of CMC and Dr. Singh.

CRMC closed last year due to bankruptcy after months’ of financial stress. Wayne Allen, CEO, was hired to become the beleaguered hospital’s guide as they faced closure and subsequent financial dealings including the bankruptcy.

Allen now works only on a part time basis with Coalinga and has taken on a new position in northern California.

The keys and control of the facility will transfer to Singh and CMC when the final details have been ironed out. Discussion regarding staffing the facility for continued maintenance and other required services will be taking place soon. Singh plans to begin work needed to reopen CMC as soon as possible.

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